About Us

Your Family. Our Responsibility.

Over 61 years ago, we began our journey and still are committed to the quality and service our customers deserve. The vacuum business has changed drastically since 1956. At that time, we began by restoring and repairing vacuums, washers and dryers. We supplied the belts, bags and support for every vacuum on the market. THOSE DAYS HAVE CHANGED. The demand for low prices has resulted in low-grade disposable vacuums.  Without a dependable parts network to repair the vacuum, when it breaks you throw it away. That's not good for our landfill.  This reality is unacceptable at Longs.

Today, we sell what we sell due to demand for quality, high performance, longevity and dealer support all under one roof.  Brands we carry give our customers an alternative to the buy-break-throw-away environment that persists today.

Long's Vacuum and Appliance is a  dealer and service center that has been a proud part of the Austin community since 1956.  We carry Miele, SEBO and Riccar, along with cleaning supplies, IQAir  and Miele appliances. 

If you are in the Austin or surrounding area, give us a call or drop in.  Let us show you how over 61 years of experience can help you select, buy and maintain your vacuum for years to come.

We are committed to quality and service, just as we were 60+ years ago. So are our manufacturing partners! There are very few players left:

  • Miele – Manufactured in Germany
  • Riccar – Manufactured in St. James, Missouri (right here in the USA)
  • SEBO – Manufactured in Germany
  • IQ Air – Manufactured in Switzerland
  • Fred's Fine Cleaning - Manufactured in CA, USA

Ask us about renting the HOST dry-cleaner for your carpet!  It's ALWAYS allergy season here in Austin.