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Miele vacuums and Longs Vacuum & Appliance go together when you are looking to shop local in Austin.  Miele vacuum supplies, service and support are all under one roof when shopping with us. Whether you have carpet or bare floors such as wood, marble or tile, we can help you find just the right vacuum. We can mix and match to get the perfect cleaning solution in your hands. Stop by and see the difference!


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The newest models to the Miele line, the Homecare line, have models exclusive to those that visit Long's Vacuum. The Homecare vacuums are sold in-store only, and come with an exceptional warranty.

                                     5 year warranty on parts and labor and 10 years on motor and casing,
                                     it is the most comprehensive package offered by Miele.  

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If you prefer to shop from home, there are different models available to be shipped to your home.  Those will carry a 7 year motor warranty and 1 year parts and labor.  Tap on Click to buy Miele now for those options.  

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Complete C3 Brilliant
Complete C3 Alize
Complete C3 Cat & Dog


Complete C3 Marin
Complete C3 HomeCare
Complete C3 HomeCare+


Dynamic U1 SeriesMiele Buy Now

Beautiful carpet easily stays beautiful with the Miele Dynamic U1 Upright. If you are looking for the best vacuum to clean both hardwoods and carpet and prefer an upright, stop by our store and play with the Dynamic U1.

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Dynamic U1 Cat & DogDynamic
Dynamic U1 HomeCare
Quickstep SeriesMiele Buy Now

The Miele Quickstep for the quick pickup. Use it for all hard flooring or attach the power head from your Miele canister for those hard to vacuum area rugs. Can be used as both a handheld vacuum and a broom vacuum.

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Swing H1 QuickStep
C1 SeriesMiele Buy Now

The Miele C1 is perfect for the small bungalow with bare floors.

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Classic C1 HomeCare

Classic C1 HomeCare


RX1 Scout RoboticMiele Buy NowMiele Buy Now

RX1 Scout is Miele’s first robotic vacuum cleaner. With Smart Navigation, the Scout achieves reliable cleaning results. The Scout’s lithium-ion battery can clean up to two hours, or 1,600 square feet without needing to be recharged. A gyro sensor measures the Scout’s rotation, enabling it to change direction as needed and a high-quality digital ceiling camera maps the layout of a room to ensure precise cleaning of the entire space. Miele’s RX1 Scout features a Triple Cleaning System comprised of a turbo brush, two long rotating side brushes that target hard-to-reach areas and an effective suction system. Sensors on the front of the machine prevent the Scout from colliding with furniture and sensors underneath the Scout prevent it from falling down stairs. Miele’s RX1 Scout also features four cleaning modes and a convenient remote control.

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RX1 Scout